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Venia Mitropanou

Venia Mitropanou was born in 1961 in Athens, where she continues to live and work today.

She studied painting at the studio of painter Vrasidas Vlachopoulos and has also studied jewelry design and puppet construction. In addition, she has a degree in marketing and advertising, which she put into practice while working in the music industry for several years.

Some years ago she combined her interest in art, antiques and collectibles with her love of design and creating to make custom handmade jewelry.

She uses old and new precious and semiprecious stones, silver and wooden miniature antiques, authentic old crystals, African bronze elements and old Bakelite, along with her own hand woven and knit fabric beads and imagination to create each piece. She considers the diversity and singular character of each element used in the piece and the challenge it presents in order to create striking, unique, one of a kind pieces of jewelry.